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Kisel Daria

QA Automation Engineer
www.COMAQA.BY; ISSoft / CoherentSolutions


Visual Regression Test Automation on the example of Galen Framework and Applitools Eyes


Visual regression automation testing, as a special kind of testing, can discomfit even a professional experienced person. Especially when the testing process comes to adaptive design. 

The task of testing the adaptive layout in not easy, at least for the reason that it requires a lot of time checking visual output of web application’s content and coverage of the entire matrix of different platforms, browsers and screen resolutions. 

Nevertheless, there are ways to effectively use some tools such as Galen Framework and Applitools Eyes and their integration into existing test environment. 

In the illustrative example of the website, which was built using adaptive layout approach, I’ll show how a QA automation specialist can easily use the above tools in order to avoid as much as possible varieties of visual regressions. 

I’ll explain also in detail the options for building test’s architecture and organization of workflow with the application’s design as a whole.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

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