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Selecting a project manager from multiple alternatives


Analyzing the causes of failed projects, it can be concluded that all the causes of failures do not lie in the technology and in the social sphere. Moreover, these reasons are in the purview of the project manager. Competence is the project manager is so wide that it is impossible to confine a single list. That is, in case the project manager acts known law "immensity." This is determined by the nature of projects, their complexity and the influence on them of many factors.

You can define what should not be a project manager. "Five NOs" - five signs of what should not be a project manager. But this does not solve the problem of choosing a leader.

To reduce subjectivity in the choice of the project manager (and in a broader sense - the manager or specialist), proposed to use the analytic hierarchy process, Saaty proposed and widely used in various applications. The report details the procedure for the selection of alternative candidates for the position of project manager.

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