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Вострикова Галина Николаевна

QA lead


С 2012 года работаю в IT-сфере. Свою работу начала как разработчик на C#, с 2013 года занимаюсь тестированием.
В роли тестировщика успела поработать и на долгосрочных, и на краткосрочных проектах. Нашла своё счастье в тестировании продуктового направления.

Некоторое время сопротивлялась менеджерству, но уже год (с августа 2017) я QA lead и строю Dream Team.
Люблю делиться знаниями и помогать коллегам по фирме и коллегам по деятельности :)
Считаю, что успешный тестировщик всегда развивается - поэтому стараюсь развиваться сама и развивать других


Testing in the life of the project: the irrevocable benefits of early involment of testers


In the talk, I want to tell you about my attitude to the involvement of the testing team at various stages of the project and to show why I think this is useful.

In one of the articles on Habrahabr website, I met a correct idea: “The key to successful project management is to find a balance between the costs of product development and its quality.” And my goal is to achieve the required quality without overstating costs.

I often met the idea that you can save on testing by involving testers at the very end of work on a project or a stage. But the later involvement does not bring savings: neither at an outsource, nor at the product direction.

I will share my experience of early involvement of the testing team, my implementation of this activity and show the benefits we have received.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

How to launch a rocket and not burn in the atmosphere: do not forget about the motivation of the leads


The launch of a rocket is cool like to be a hero. But it is cool for the time being. What happens at the end? - I think that many of us know or guess about the result. Burnout, demotivation are waiting for the “heroes”, but often we hear about demotivation in the context of team members, not about leads. Important to remember that leads are human.

That’s why in my talk I will show the reasons for necessary of motivations of leads. We will consider the problem on the example of the leaders in testing: test manager and QA lead. I will describe the bad effects for the test team if a lead is demotivated.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

How not to lose important in the transfer of the project


Many of us have to change a project. And we often worry about a new tester on our old project might not know everything that we do know.
What are we supposed to do? How to increase the level of calmness?
I tell you how to pass the project to another tester, so as not to miss any important things. The psychological factor is, of course, important in this issue, but I am going to mention a plan to be applied practically to impart knowledge.

Why do I want to talk about this? This idea of transmitting information was obtained from my project experience.
Who can be interested in it? Anybody who transmits, manages or even receives information.

If you just have started your career in IT or are working on only one project, this issue may not refer to you. But my report can help you change the view on the project and your knowledge about it. You can also try to "pass" the project to yourself: and then you will find out what exactly you do not know about your project -and fill in these gaps.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)