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Бурнин Василий Евгеньевич



В ИТ с 2001 года.
с 2011 работаю в компании "СКБ-Контур" на позиции менеджера разработки, руковожу разработкой интеграционного решения между 1С и сервисом "Диадок"


Task list management: how to do what you need to do


Project manager mainly focuses on supplying the promised functionality in deadline. But the development lifecycle is preceded by the process of prioritization of tasks, which are received from customers.

This process has received little attention, both at work and, for example, at conferences.  However, the quality of this process has a strong effect on the results of the development. It’s more efficient to do important tasks slowly, than to do unimportant tasks quickly.

In my report I’ll tell you about my experience of prioritization and the methods which I use. 

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)


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