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Поволяшко Сергей

TEAM International


The history of a Process implementation


Presentation will be useful for those who implements or think about processes implementation. For those who don’t agree with unpredictability and chaos in their work. For those companies which are growing up from family type and as such require more organization in their working processes. The presentation depicts a process implementation case in a company from “why do we need to bother about it” to “yes, it is useful and it works for us”. 

The attention will be to the following: 

  • Recognizing the need of a process by all stakeholders
  • Selecting process authors
  • The format of a process
  • Approval and improvement procedures
  • Implementation monitoring techniques
  • Tools to support process use 

The goal of the presentation is to help to grow process maturity in a company. Major ideas behind are: a process not for the sake of a process, a process to increase productivity and predictability, removing unnecessary costs and human factor influence, growing reputation, saving nerve cells :).

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

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