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Орлов Артур Сергеевич

ведущий разработчик
ООО "АвтоТрансИнфо"
Saint Petersburg


Developer: quickstart guide


Non-obvius behavior seems to be an hardest thing in testing. Applied to human beings behavior especially. To developers particularly. Effective working with developers seems to be a too big topic, so my talk should be considered as a very brief quickstart guide. You will learn some "selected by hand" antipatterns in work processes, e.g. why being a "good tester" can lead to "bad" consequences.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

Autotests iceberg underwaters: escaping Titanic's crash


Every automated testing system is a solid software project that needs to be deployed and supported. Not every QA engineer has enough skills for that. As lead developer with background in software design, development and deployment, I want to share my practical experience that can help to avoid typical errors.
I will talk about QA instruments, about people taking part in QA processes, about specifics of QA infrastructure. Besides this I'll try to describe developers' expectations from automated testing systems and communication practices between dev and QA teams.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)