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Urmazova Lilia

QA Lead
Saint Petersburg


Integration and Void. Let's look inside the mocks


In the modern software world, we often use integrations with third-party applications or various modules implemented by different teams. But what should we do if the development speed is different and we need to use stubs instead of one of the modules? What are those stubs, how they are organized and when they are used, you can know from the talk. 

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

How to flunk automation on Gherkin: bad advices


Do you want to make your tests always red, and your team always has what to do? Do you want to show your incredible performance to your customers? You could hardcode all the checkpoints, make your scenarios long and avoid parametrisation...

But you could also hear bad bits of advice from the talk and do on the contrary. That is up to you.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

A Spherical Caw in a Vacuum called Gherkin


It is widely known that nowadays Gherkin became a very popular as a cross-professional language for communication between different team members, foremost BSAs and QAs. You without any doubt know a lot about Gherkin scenarios, and some of you even tried to implement that in your company. 

In the talk I would like to make a border between beautiful descriptions and reality, by dividing the talk into 2 parts - in a "rose-coloured glasses" and without. Hopefully, some features and possibilities of Gherkin I will talk about would help you with your real tasks.

More often, those who say "Use Gherkin" mean Cucumber, but I would like to base my talk on another famous tool description, JBehave.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

"Junior Tester" Circle. Experience of Software Automated Testing School organization.


In every company life there is a moment when it is time to step forward. Now you can not only program and test, but also teach young specialists, able to join your development team due to there knowledge and skills, ideally fitting company needs. The most simple way is mentoring, but there is more complicated and interesting. It's your own school, with lectures and practices, home works and final exam.

The talk considers our experience of automated testing school starting in Grid Dynamics, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, the organizational problems and ways to resolve them. Who, what and where to teach? How to involve trainers? How to control and assess process? How to make managers sure that projects will not suffer?

The talk would be useful for everybody, who intends to create similar School in his/her company and would hopefully help to avoid a lot of issues, we met on our way.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)
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