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Ramanenka Uladzislau

Senior iOS QA Engineer
United Kingdom


I'm passionate about software testing. My experience includes testing mobile Android and iOS apps; web sites & backend testing. I have hands-on testing experience within an Agile environment and BDD methodology. ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst.

I've been a speaker at various International Software Testing conferences: 

✑ European Testing Conference-2019 (Valencia)

✑ Nordic Testing Days - 2018 (Tallinn)

✑ UKSTAR - 2018 (London)

✑ SQA Days EU-1 (Riga)

✑ SQA Days-18, 19, 20 (Moscow-St. Petersburg-Minsk)

... and a few local meetups.

Currently working for Badoo. Testing iOS applications and supporting autotests.


My 30 day TestSphere challenge: how was it


Have you heard about TestSphere? It’s a deck of cards designed to get you thinking and talking about testing. I was inspired by them and wanted to use them more in my everyday work. 

So I decided to start a “30-day TestSphere challenge”: for each my testing task I randomly pick up a card and try to apply the idea from it within my testing activities. I'd like to be honest and in the talk I will present which ideas worked and which didn't. I hope that my example will inspire the others to think wider, be more creative and effective in testing.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Heuristics, mnemonics and other Greek words in the exploratory testing of mobile apps


Do you test mobile apps and have to make do with minimum documentation or even work without it?

Are you more likely to rely on your intuition rather than on the test cases from Jurassic period?

I’ll fill you in on the approach, to developing tests, based on your experience, domain knowledge, previous releases and work with similar apps.

In the first part of my talk I’ll dwell on basic techniques, unveil their pros and cons, and show how I used them in mobile apps testing.

The second part will be devoted to exploratory testing. How to keep on mind the essential checks? That’s where heuristics and mnemonics come to rescue. What are they? Why and how could they be used? I’ll mix the theory with examples. Come to my talk: I SLICED UP FUN!

You’ll enjoy my talk if you are a test engineer experienced in exploratory testing of mobile apps.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Playing with fire: meeting BDD and Cucumber framework BDDfire


Idea of BDD is to combine automated acceptance tests, functional requirements and software documentation into one format that would be understandable by non-technical people. How does BDD work? What is included in the BDD project? Which implementation mistakes could be omitted? That’s what I’ll cover in the first part of my report.

Second will be devoted to the framework selecting and my experience with BDDfire. Why is it? Perhaps, the answer is in the phrase: “Write your tests, not framework” - that was the title I started my acquaintance with BDDfire framework from. Since only three commands were required to get started, in some minutes framework was installed, and the first test was run.
Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Behat-trick: how we have been implementing BDD on our projects


I’ll tell you about our experience of adapting BDD for our projects. Difficulties that we've faced will be listed and stories on how we've overcame them will be presented. Moreover, I’ll point out the role of QA engineer in BDD process and tips about making it even more effective.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)
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