Conferences for professionals in the information technology industry

Naletova Alena

Lead Analyst
OOO "Deutsche Bank TechCentre"
St. Petersburg


Global Bank. Playing with Complexity


Deutsche bank actively participates in Analyst Days on a regular basis. Conference audience usually consists of analysts from different domains. Very often, without proper context, it is quite difficult to understand what these strange people are trying to explain in their complex language. In my talk, I would like to tell about the main difficulties for an analyst in a global bank. I will show by example what a business-complexity is and how many different parts it consists of. I will also explain to you why the bank is considered to be global, how many offices it has around the globe. In addition, I will try to cover all variety of technology stack, the number of current projects, platforms and teams. Finally, I will describe how an analyst can not only survive in this environment but also be successful. Hope my presentation will help to feel the spirit of the global bank and will enable the audience to better understand other presentations on related subjects.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)