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Syskov Nikita

Lead Software Testing Engineer


Business requirements analysis during Production release


It's impossible to underestimate business analysis impact on product success -- we need to know what end user need and we must provide it to them. However it's very often that we see how 'simple business enhancement' turns out to be 'full system architecture review'. The idea of this lightning talk is not to argue about the reasons but rather show some examples of these 'false easy' changes and ways of fighting them in the face of upcoming release.

Requirements analysis is critical for product development success and knowing how to do it right will allow to prevent a lot of issues from happening.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

Conducting an audit of QA team in a complex project


When performing an audit for an external team you should always judge carefully in the lack of details. With team size growing and distribution among location raising, you can easily find yourself trapped by false ideas and incorrect assumptions. In this talk, I'd like to go over some practical tips we use when facing complex audit tasks with no direct access to people or established processes.

It often happens so that a very specific and balanced process appears to preserve status quo that satisfies team member yet leading to productivity decrease and customer anxiety raise. A full-stack analysis performed by an external expert with the ability to dive into the routine process could give you a clue to what actually slows down the process and how to fix it with both saving the team spirit and introducing required process changes.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)