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Семерханов Илья

DevOps Lead
T-Systems RUS
Saint Petersburg


DevOps practices and tools for building test environments


A very common situation is when a serious bug is discovered in production because it was missed during testing on a misconfigured test environment. This presentation is focused on building of a reliable, well configured test environment, with the use of tools and practices from DevOps. This ideology erases all boundaries between product and infrastructure, and test environment, as a part of this infrastructure, should be operated in the same way as a production environment. 

I will speak about common problems that arise during creation of test stands, about ways to deal with them. We will also talk about specific tools, like Ansible, Vagrant, Docker, Jenkins and other products, that can help us build a reliable test environment.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Perfomance tests results analysis with Graphite and Grafana


There are a lot of information about performance testing available in different sources. But usually it’s all about the problem of executing the tests, without discussing the problem of results analysis. System is loaded, it’s crashed, what’s next? How can we understand that KPI’s are fine? How to show this to the colleagues, your client, your boss?

In this report I will share with you how we checked the performance tests results in our project with scalable real-time monitoring tools Graphite and Grafana. I will tell you what is this technology, how it’s working, what’s purpose and how you can use them for testing for visualization of test results.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)