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Оводов Сергей Михайлович

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Development games. Raiting analysts' skills


Our company has conducted the certification of analysts in the form of a game. The goal is to assess the professional level of employees.

It was modelled the situation: the launch of a new project, according to it the analyst had to collect the requirements. Features of the model:   

  • the customer and the representative of the development team participated in the game;   
  • requirements collection took place in a series of meetings;   
  • documentation for development should have been submitted on the output.

The talk will highlight: 

  • rules of the game; 
  • a methodology of results assessment; 
  • resources spent on the game.
Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Project slang - the way of efficient collaboration in software development teams


Сollaboration between team members in software development is known to be a hard issue. In this talk a method of Project Slang is proposed as a solution. The method has been applied in our company and seems very useful in day-to-day work for small and medium project teams. A case study of the application of the Project Slang  is presented along with some examples. These examples illustrate the ways to simplify communication and to avoid mistakes with the help of Project Slang method.

In the second part of the talk concrete techniques and practices are described. We use these techniques in our company to achieve better results with the Project Slang method.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)