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Gerrard Paul Mr

Gerrard Consulting
United Kingdom


Advancing Testing Using Axioms


An Axiom is something believed to be true, but cannot be proven in any practical way. It could be disproven by experiment or experience and we should be prepared to be proven wrong. This usage is consistent with many other famous examples: the Definitions in Euclid's Elements, Newton's laws of motion, the US Declaration of Independence and many other 'position statements' present sets of beliefs without proof or corroboration. Most have subsequently been shown to be imperfect, but they continue to work for most practical purposes.

This session will explore what axioms in testing might look like and discuss why they have value, but are difficult to define. Paul will introduce the sixteen axioms documented in the Tester's Pocketbook and explain how they can help you to question and improve your own testing or the testing of other people or organisations.

Audience level
Regular Talk (1 h 30 min)

A New Model for Testing


This session introduced the New Model for Testing and describes how the model can help you to think about your testing, but also better understand some of the challenges testers face such as:

1. How our role is affected or enhanced by 'shift-left'

2. What are the core skills of testers?

3. Why are models and modelling so important in testing?

4. Where will tools be helpful in the future?

5. How does exploratory testing work and what are it's limitations?

Audience level
Regular Talk (1 h 30 min)

How to Test the Internet of Everything


There is an increasing amount of publicity, information and hype around the subject of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Everything (IoE). What on earth are people talking about? Should I be interested? Will it affect me? What does it mean to me as a tester?

In this talk, Paul will give a perspective for the scale, the variety, ubiquity, complexity and challenge of the technological wave that many people believe will dominate our industry for the next ten to twenty years.

But right now, it is a very confusing state of affairs. Standards are emerging, and many commercial applications are bleeding edge, speculative or exploratory. Security and privacy dominates all of the concerns being articulated by industry commentators, but for non-trivial systems, significant functional and integration complexity challenges must also be overcome. There are broader societal risks that the IoE brings and government, companies and individuals should pay attention to them.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)