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How analytics helps a tester



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Lightning Talk (20 min)

How to optimize your own CI


I’m willing to bet that almost every one of you has a Continuous Integration server for your projects. Whether it's Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, or just a ubuntu server is not important. What's important  is that the server performs the task you want. For some its just a build server, for others it runs unit tests and some run selenium tests on it or have the full continuous delivery setup.

But ask yourself the question: "Are you satisfied with the work of your CI server?". Maybe you’d like to have additional features, get more speed and convenience? I asked myself this question and it turned out that the work of CI on our project work was not perfect.

In this speech, I want to talk about how and why a new CI server was set up from scratch, what problems I faced in the process and, of course, about how I organized testing on this server.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

Tools and Lifehacks of REST API testing


If you ask IT-fans and professionals what types of API they know, 90% of them will say: «REST». There is no wonder, because almost all the known services already have the REST API. Therefore, as QA-crowd we should carefully test the API, find bugs, and leave users satisfied. My report covers the problem of REST testing. In this report, I will develop the theme of different instruments for functional testing: from SoapUI, to console, depending on the object of testing. I will show you the ways of REST API testing automation. I will tell you about the tools for error reporting, REST stress testing and creation of REST documentation. You will discover the life hacks, which I use for the REST API testing.

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Lightning Talk (20 min)

How to automate routine tasks or learning to speak snake’s language


I bet that you, as well as me, have to deal with a huge number of tasks not related directly to testing. You need to transfer files to someone, create a boring report, upload a new version of the application onto server, or feed an office turtle. Moreover, these problems are constantly repeating - routine!

I suggest using automation to solve these problems. Yes, you can automate a huge number of tasks you faced during your work. First of all get some knowledge in one of the programming languages, configure development environment and then your imagination will help you to set the goals of automation.

This report refers to python programming language, one of the simplest and most intuitive in this case. Let's see how to write code, how to find ready-made modules and run scripts.

Let’s study Continuous Integration server - Bamboo, as one of the most beautiful and simplest environments for our scripts.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)