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Вихров Алексей Иванович

Team Lead
ООО «Т-Системс РУС»
Saint Petersburg


Reinvention of the wheel, or is a standard solution the best idea ever


In most cases, you can find a standard solution for quite all needs in IT development and testing. Besides that, discovering the continents again serves as bad taste, in case you want to develop such the same stuff you can “download from the internet”. But is this true for all situations? Is the standard solution the best choice ever? This topic I want to discuss, showing a couple of my favorite reinvented wheels.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

Layer-cake testing, or how business frameworx help to organize landscape testing


I`ve been testing heterogeneous Software within OSS cluster of Deutche Telekom landscape for about four years. Our main goal is testing of high level business cases, which flow through many software instances and are supposed to have forks in most cases. The point of my discourse is to share some hands-on experience concerning test process buildup in above defined conditions, in particular how work streams and team competence areas are organized according to reference models provided by Business Process Framework.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)