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Иванов Александр Игоревич

Старший инженер по интеграции
ООО «Цифра»(GS group)
Saint Petersburg


В 2011 году окончил университет ИТМО, инженерно-физический факультет.
В тестировании с 2011 года. Занимался ручным тестированием, сейчас занимаюсь автоматизацией тестирования.
Занимаю должность Senior QA в компании Цифра, GS Group.


Automation testing of digital TV receivers


The report is about testing automation of set-top-boxes (receivers). The field is specific, but it has much in common with automation in other fields of testing. It will be talked about difficulties and their solution. It will be told about the cases when auto-tests are working fine and cases, which are not profitable to be automated. The effectiveness of the automation implementation will be shown in the report. The report will be interesting to a wide audience: who is working in automation and those who are just going.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

Integration as a base of technical management


The report focuses on integration and its place in software development. What to do if software consists from several parts and has lots of features? Who will take responsibility for decisions regarding the selection of components developed software? This problem can be solved through the Integration Department, which takes the technical part of management. In addition, department builds bridges between the developers of different departments and organizations. The report will show the effectiveness of this approach in the software development. The report will be interesting to a wide audience.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)