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Tolstunova Taisia

QA Manager
United Traders
Saint Petersburg


QA manager, получающий удовольствие от плотного общения не только с тестировщиками, но и с аналитиками и менеджерами проектов.


As large as life. Requirements completeness and how to check it


In the report will be reviewed techniques that allow you to check the completeness of the requirements in accordance with the project/company definition of this property requirements. It will be provided links to relevant sources of information on techniques: presentations, videos, and articles.
Actual for the requirements of system description level and requirements specification.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

User requirements in testing


Imagine a situation: you are a QA engineer. Amount of bugs raises in every release. Product requirements can be uncovered only by someone in a smoking room or on the kitchen... And now imagine another situation: the whole team understands what, why and when the client wants.

How to get to this another situation? To change the job - the first and the total way that comes into your mind. I thought like this as well earlier, but! Few years ago there was a moment when I tried to test requirements and then formalize this process. There is quite little open information about requirements testing. I will try to tell, why requirements testing is needed, what to start with and what are the first steps of implentation the process.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Testing evaluation - userful and nominal metrics


Everyone who works in testing has faced with the assessment of their work. 

Which considerations can provide an unbiased result and which ones give just non-performing data? And the topical issues for test leads: which metrics can demotivate workers and which ones can make them to work in a different way. 

This and something more in this talk.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)