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Никитин Алексей

Специалист по тестированию
Лаборатория Касперского


How to get along with developers. Testing in SCRUM team


The major part of trainings about testing management are intended for those test teams, who are separated from development team, as a dedicated unit. In test community, a lot of discussions are raised about how to manage testing and, definitely, how to TEST in SCRUM teams.

So, I want to share my knowledge and experience, and tell you about best practices in this sophisticated area. I’ll explain how to manage the test activities for iterative development and delivery, i.e. how to ensure the supply a fully working product by the end of the sprint.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

The “Snow White” and the six dwarfs or developers also test

We work in a “Scrum” and we have constant team for several projects. I would like to tell you in my presentation what we have done to continue releasing the functional on time and of high quality even with the extreme shortage of testers. Also I will tell you what types of testing and under what circumstances we can trust developers, how to relieve responsibility of the testers that is not directly connected with testing, etc. In other words, it will be a story that tells you how to agree with the developers they are also testing.
Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)