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Дорофеев Максим

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Getting things done techniques

Have you noticed how few people are able to perform fairly simple exercise: to promise to respond to a letter tomorrow and really answer tomorrow? And how many people among you who are constantly doing something, but you have to exert great effort to obtain answer or resutlt from them? Or maybe you are often in a strange situation: you are very tired, worked hard, but all these efforts were scattered, so that nothing meaningful you did not? It's all pathologies of getting things done. These pathologies at the individual level lead to enormous difficulties in working together on projects and make impossible any improvement of work processes. In the talk, I will share my observations on the subject of getting things done and give a number of simple guidelines that could significantly improve your work.
Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Project Retrospectives: looking back to move forward.

The master class will focus on how a team retrospective completed project helps make the team stronger, how, when and why is it carried out a retrospective of whom can save time \ money, and for whom it is premature measure? During the workshop we will look at the main types of retrospectives, examine in detail the applications of an approach, and also tell you about your experience with retrospectives in different companies. And demonstrate a few key exercises.
Audience level
Workshop (1h 30 min)

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