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Борисов Алексей

IT Manager
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Dedicated Requirements Management system. User's Experience


I'll share experience of rolling out dedicated Requirements Management System. I’ll mostly talk about changes in mindset of analyst and implications for day to day duties rather than technical aspects of roll out process.

• Requirements Management System: benefits and risks.
• Does using Requirements Management system mean that processes in the team will be significantly changed?
• Could it happen that performance of the team is decreased during the migration? How to fix it?

I'll cover practical aspects and do my best to avoid product specific topics concentrating on the most common ones.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Agile Team and non-Agile Client. How to deal with it?

Various software development frameworks and methodologies assume that client and implementer share the same vision of SDLC. In practice it may happen that development team and its client have different view. For example the client may expect detailed requirements definition document and project schedule coupled with exact milestones. If development team follows one of Agile practices it could be difficult to achieve that. It may result in misunderstanding and overhead associated with producing artifacts that are not used in Dev process and created as a matter of form. During this presentation I’ll show some practices that allow to cope with this in the interest of project success.
Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)
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