Conference for professionals in the information technology industry

Абрамова Анна

Saint Petersburg


Formal description of actions


We describe the actions: in the processes, Use Cases, instructions. We want to write shortly and so as not to cause questions. And there is always not enough information, time for a detailed and intelligible description. We model more sophisticated and our descriptions are more and more incomprehensible. There is a solution: we can treat the description of the process, Use Case, as creating a tool. When you explain to a person what you need to do, you give a tool for solving some problem and must explain why it is needed, how and in what conditions it can be used. In the workshop, I will offer a template for describing such a tool-method. Let's practice describing different tasks - processes, user scenarios - for which we usually use familiar notations, and try to find “white spots” in the usual use of our favorite tools.

Audience level
Workshop (1h 30 min)

Requirement structure shaping and agreement

Requirements structure is a base for futher analysts work in project. It should be clear for all project participants. People talk much about requirements classification but not about arranging requirements inside one class. How would we split functional requirements to help developers design architecture according to real world domain? Report include this issues and other about how to agree the structure with stakeholders within and outside of project.
Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)