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Прокудин Александр Николаевич



Separate the wheat from the weeds: how to work with product requests


Source of requirements is always an issue for product development. Product requirements can come in the variety of ways: from the customers, implementation team, support, product managers and marketing. What shall we do with loads of unstructured requests with the description that leaves something to be desired and say nothing about real needs of our customers?
In my report I will tell how our analysts team accepted and finished the challenge of classifying, structuring and prioritizing product requests.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

How analyst can help in planning of releases

The problem of release planning is acute for many software companies. What features should we include in the next version? How to estimate the labor cost of new features? How to take into account technological risks?
Until recently, we have solved such issues not very effectively in our company, which often led to delaying releases of new versions.
In my report, I am going to tell you about our approach to solving this issue. I will explain how and why we should involve analysts in release planning at a very early stage, what type of documents analysts can prepare at this stage, and how these documents can help to estimate the labor cost.
Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)
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