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Suntsov Ilya

QA Team Lead
GridGain Systems
Saint Petersburg


Ilya has worked for over 7 years as test automation engineer and team lead. His area of interest is testing of distributed highload systems. Currently he works on test coverage extension of GridGain In-Memory computing platform.


Testing of distributed systems. Jepsen it is not so hard


MongoDB, Apache Ignite, Cassandra, MariaDB - we've head at least of one product from this list. There are a lot of manuals and posts on stack overflow, habr about them. All of them are distributed systems - distributed data base, distributed cache and so on. We will focus on the testing of such systems (yes, I'm talking about Jepsen). 

Jepsen it is module of Clojure (it's like a Lisp but for JVM). This module have a lot of useful code, that break the brain of anyone who not familiar with s-expressions. It difficult but it intresting! 

I will tell about Jepsen as a module of Clojure, about testing environment and show some real examples of tests.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

The truth is out there or how to write code


When the working day is full of routine operations, and the username, password, and ip address of the test server you remember by heart. When the hands on the machine fill in the next table the results of the tests, and it seems that every day is just a copy of the previous one. When you realize that something is wrong... you need to stop, think, and write the code.
In my report I will give a few tips for first-time testers-programmers. I will try to warn them against mistakes made by me, and will tell you how to get pleasure from work each day

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)