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Khrol Igor

QA Automation Team Lead


Test Automation: Available for Everyone or The Destiny of The Elite?


Automated tests are not only scripts written by some strange folks with title “QA Automation Engineer”. It’s great to see autotests as a tool used by any tester for daily activities. Is it real? We are trying to check it in Wargaming Web-department delivering few dozens of projects simultaneously and helping our games be enjoyable for gamers.

  • What difficulties might you face during massive autotest implementation?

  • Is it possible to release new versions without manual testing at all?

  • What toolset can you use to achieve the goal?

  • Could black box be whiter?

If you are interested in answers to these questions, come to listen to my speech.
Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Test Automation: throw away excess and check the point

The most popular test approach is black box testing. As a result usually test automation is done directly - exactly imitating end user actions. It's clear and easy way. Unfortunately this test automation approach is really limited. In the speech I want to share the experience how better results can be achieved. It can be done evolutionary - updating your test automation step by step. In order to accomplish the goal two things should be done: 1. Clear understand internals of your system under test. 2. Define what should test particular test case.
Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Programme committee member

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