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Киреев Николай Борисович

ИИТ БГУИР, IT-студия WebMax.BY


The Requirements Analysis on the Basis of Dynamic HTML-prototypes and UML-models

The proposed iterative methodology enables to detect and specify software functional requirements owing to advance development of interactive HTML-prototypes of GUI integrated with UML-models. Models are created in the Axure RP environment by means of widgets or imported in it as an image. The result is generated to the HTML-prototype. Duration of the single iteration varies from several days up to two weeks. The methodology can be used in standard software development processes and when agile methodologies are used. The report proposes classification, differences, advantages and disadvantages of different types of prototypes in terms of their analysis value, there are also practical examples of interactive prototypes application for detection and specification of functional requirements of applications with high functional loading of GUI.
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