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Кудинов Илья Максимович

Sr. QA engineer
Badoo Development


Three years of Badoo's QA process evolution, or How we thought that everything was awesome, but it turned out that better is possible


In this talk I'll tell you:

  • How QA processes were built three years ago and why we thought that they were awesome;
  • Which problems we faced and why we decided that processes needed improvements;
  • What we've changed for the last three years and what benefits we've got;
  • What difficulties we're still experiencing and what we're planning to do to solve them.
Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Worldwide billing in Badoo from QA's point of view

Quality assurance of billing systems often works as a stumbling block for software testing. How deeply should we go through code? How should we work with third-party services? What rights should be granted for testers and what should they learn? In case of worldwide billing problems are expanding: how could we test SMS-payments in Brazil? How not to break the laws of Belgium? All these questions are standing upon every big project and every team solves them in their own way. Badoo provides billing all over the world, works with dozens of aggregators, uses lot of systems and utilities to control every transaction. How do we manage to avoid thousands of potential bugs, which could be a real threat to our business? In this talk I’ll describe our methods, justify this choices and show you our real results.
Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Evolution of unit tests acceleration in Badoo. From bash scripting to cloud.

The talk is on how we run unit tests in Badoo on the space velocity (up to 150 tests per second and 4 minutes per 27,000 tests) and how we have come to this. You will learn about a test execution time problem, what means offer on the Internet to resolve this problem, and why we started writing our own utility. And then we'll tell you how we created our running tool for tests and what path of development it has gone for the year of its existence, avoiding all the problems arising in the way.
Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)
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