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Типанова Екатерина

Saint Petersburg


C 2007 года делаю мир лучше.
В детстве занималась вебом и техрайтерством.
В отрочестве - декстоп приложениями и снова вебом.
Потом я выросла, перешла на мобайл, и подсела на геймдев.
За все это время мне ни разу не было скучно, и это, пожалуй, главное.
Потому что мир не обязательно захватывать, менять мир намного интересней.


Burnout at work and rise from the ashes

Hi, my name is Katya and I am a workaholic. Nobody ever told me what to do if the new cool project does not light up my eyes, rush jobs do not charge me with adrenaline any more, and gamification of workflow no longer makes it exciting. I had to invent my own successful cases, which I am now happy to share. We will talk about: The life cycle of a workaholic - what it looks like? What's to be done if the same scenario recurs over and over at every work place? What is "job burnout" and what can you do if nothing interests you anymore? How to prevent professional frustration and assure the quality of your own professional life? We will not talk about: How to find "emotional crutch" to feel good a little longer (because it is a temporary measure). How to click on "make fine" and never strain again (because it does not work). How to force yourself to work when you do not want it (because you will be bored and sad).
Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)


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