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Воротягин Михаил Валерьевич

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Hewlett Packard


Управление качествоим - Непрерывная интеграция и выпуск релизов

Traditionally, we talk a lot about the operation and development, about the transfer to the operation , but we talk little about testing and quality control , because in IT departments that deal with other people separate from the operation . Those who read the book Service Transition remember that in referring to the large number of processes around development - testing, releases, deployment, etc., but that does not stop to exist and develop independently of a particular discipline ALM (Application Lifecycle Management). As part of the presentation, we will talk about the development of practices and quality assurance in the corporate environment, especially to attract and control of resources, as well as how modern organizations provide the necessary speed of implementation and changes in information systems without losing the stability and quality of systems.
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