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Head of QA


Basic theory on practice


Please mark yourself: 

1. You have read the books or passed the courses and gone out to work. 

But that was there does not match with reality. 

2. You, as a recruiter or HR, need to hire testers for your team. 

But you don't understand who you need.

3. You're going to pass courses or make courses. 

4. You'd just like to understand how the theory you've read fits into practice. 

Regardless of which point suits you - welcome aboard to my speech.

I'll tell you what you won't hear at other conferences or courses.
Welcome to the real world.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

So, you are Frankenstein M.D...


Hi! In my talk, I will tell about some possible approaches to team building. 

Imagine the human body. Heart, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, brain. 

Heart? Why is it needed? Pump blood. Cool organ. The most important in the body. 

However, if you replace them with all the other organs, nonsense will come out. 

The same situation is with the team. Each participant is important and necessary. 

Each role is important and necessary. 

How to distribute areas of responsibility? How and where to put people? 

An experience that has been personally suffered and confirmed by theory.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

TAS - Testing As Service


In my talk, I will tell you about one of the approaches to the testing process, which can be called Testing As Service. Most likely, you have already heard about it or read somewhere: with this approach, the testing department is not dependent on the development department very much, but, suddenly, this solves the problem of congestion.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

Bad habits in testing-management


Sup, friends! 

This is the continuation of my speech about bad habits in testing. 

Suppose we learned a lesson from the last speech. But, in fact, we work not alone, but with other people. 

We manage, we're being managed. 

I'll tell you about bad habits in test management, which is worth learning. 


I will teach you bad. 


Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

Author's control: you all do it, just do not know about it


Author's control: "You all do it. Just do not know yet."

 In my speech, I'll tell you about a seemingly obvious thing as "Author's control". 

Have you ever had such things that everything was done according to specifications, properly tested and everything is fine ... 

But it turns out full of shit.  How can this be avoided? 

In my speech, I'll tell you about such practice as "Author's control", how and when and why it should be used. 

But in fact, you really do it all. Just don't know about it yet.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

Bad habits in software testing and management


Human is designed so that only studies that to which is the soul. We can try to teach something under pressure.

But this is not our method, Shurick.

In the history of mankind, man best surrenders self-destruct and fall into the abyss of vice and chaos. 

So in testing. 

Not everyone wants to reach the heights, remaining little white and clean.

In my report I will teach you some bad habits that will make easier your life as a tester or test-manager.

Welcome to the Dark Side.

I will teach you Bad.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

Guide to QA dept devastation


There are many success-stories about how to create a QA dept or processes. 

But I don't like success stories. 

In my report I will tell you about the typical mistakes that people with whom I worked and me made. 

In the full of venom and hatred form you will hear about few "sins", which we and our bosses like to do.

This will help you understand how to act when confronted with it and how not to make such errors. 

Attention! All coincidences are not accidental.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

BDD. Gherkin+Ruby or auto-tests for the humanities


In this report, I will tell you what is BDD and how, using Gherkin, autotests can be written even those who never engaged in programming. It's so tempting when auto-tests in advance can write even a designer!

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

Almost GitHub Flow in web-development or how we develop Rustoria.ru


A long time ago, I've split all reports on two kinds: 

1. Spherical methodology in vacuum. 

2. Look how we made this. 

 I've decided to make my report by second way. In my report I'll introduce you one of the possible ways of web-interface's development and testing processes. I'll show you what is git issues, tell you about our deployment scheme and continuous delivery. This report is like some kind of our progress report. I can't ignore the following questions: 

  •  How to live without bug-tracker and why we should keep friendship with designers? 
  • Benefits of processing pull-requests via "L.I.F.O."? 
  • What is "L.I.F.O."? - "FFFF" - our main principle. What is it? 
  • "PVO" methodology. - Handmade Continuous Delivery - good or bad? 
  • Do we need to feed developers at nights? If yes, that why? 
  • Sysadmins extroverts - beyond the good and evil. 
  • Flexible planning - how we implemented it. 

Everybody is welcome!

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

You and Customer: solve problems instead of operate requirements

Who among of us has not faced with a situation when customer requirements were implemented thus he did not required at all? Hence, the implementation were changed many times, unless excluded. In the report we will talk about establishing that kind of relationships with customer when main goal is to solve customer problems and not just to working out requirements. This report is not about “how to live”, it based on real (!) cases that was arising in relationships with customer. We would like propose a method establishing relations, analyze the combination of formal and informal communication, as well as deal with labor costs and payment issues. We also will consider the psychological side on different project phases. There is no way without that, because teamwork assumes no formal interaction, but communication and collaboration, with establishing partnerships for produce the value. As a result, this approach leads to mutual success and improving realization of the potentials of you and your team.
Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)
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