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Химион Дмитрий Викторович

Head of quality assurance


Работаю всю карьеру в тестировании


"Let's not talk about quality"


Almost any Product Owner will say "my product is high-quality" and at least be deceiving.  

Perhaps a rare project, in our days lives without testing. 

  •  However, if you wonder "How MS Project plan, Jira tasks or team velocity highlights or measure the quality of the developed?". The answer is "It doesn't" 
  • Next question - "Who is responsible for quality? And what is it - 'quality'?". The answer is "The team and testers, and who knows... it's "quality", it is always 'good enough'". 
 About the meaning, tools, measurement and some common paradoxes of our field will discuss the report.
Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Core test automation for Micro-service architecture

  • You've recognized that your monolith project will be splited into micro-services and you to test it? 
  • You are waist deep in micro services and dependencies between them is only growing? 
  • In the modern development the micro-service architecture is a main stream and testers necessary to ensure its rapid and complete testing. Not a problem - CDC to help us, but what are the cones you can fill in the process of implementing at least an interesting question. All of this I will try to share in your topic
Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Analysis mobile test automation tools


1. Are you interested in mobile test automation? 

2. Do you need to accelerate test runs of mobile test automation? 

3. Does your mobile test automation mostly look like a "work-around" monster? 

If so, than current will be good for you. Not all test automation tools are equally great. We'll investigate different tools and their abilities in solution of different tasks What does works fine based on our experience what doesn't works fine? Which tools are more applicable in realities of your project?

Audience level
Workshop (40 min)

MBT automation methodology evaluation


Many frameworks & Agile methodologies imply rapid development, and testing sometimes cannot catch that up. Model Based Testing can potentially satisfy testing needs in Agile environment. I'll analyze MBT method, present its interesting sides and drawbacks as well as share our achievements in this direction.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Testing of group PvE


Why do people play computer games? Basically - it's fun and socialization. The quality of the implementation of these two components in significant (in my opinion) contribution to the success of the game. The best illustration of combination these factors are group PvE and PvP.
We’ll take a look at group PvE, as more simple object for testing in comparison with PvP. Will discuss the elements of PvE and base terms. What is level-design, what role does it plays in shaping the gameplay. I’ll share my personal experience of testing group PvE, the details of inspections on the example of MMORPG and single player RPG.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

QG tech usage for software quality assurence


My topic will be usefull for projects, where products quality is very important and also for those who interested to improve there skills in quality assurence and want to be more then simple testing engineer.

1. We'll take look at the termin - quality gate, where is it from, and what does it means.

2. Applience to modern development processes

3. Usage paradigm of quality gates

4. Abilites usage of quality gates depend on processes maturity

As the result we'll create understanding about one of concepts in QA area named - quality gates wich aimed to define and fix bugs on the development stage it's been appea what in the end turns to decrease time2market and increasing quality level.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Automation testing tools are defective


From project to project, from system to system, changing automation tools that effectively create for automation systems, from month to month, when confronted with different interpretations essentially the same problems, I often thought it was because of my low expertise, but began to notice a pattern between the functionality of the tools and solving problems.  Eventually came to the conclusion - automation tools are deeply flawed.  On each project we have any way to modify and extend the functionality of the tools.  If you remove the generated improvement, automation doesn’t works all in all.  I will tell you, what tools contain of, what do we need from them, and what is useless.  We’ll summarize and discuss the understanding of the progress in automation testing tools.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Testing of the game mechanics in computer games

For those who works game-dev testing. I would like to share experience in testing of game mechanics of PC games and tell about: 1. What is difference betwin tester on software and tester in PC games industry. 2. What game mechanics is and what does game mechanics unites around itself. 3. Funny bugs from area of game mechanics. Also tell about special skills, which needed to be a real tester of game mechnics. As well as to describe the qualities which needed to control in yourself or in your team in testing of game mechanics.
Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)
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