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Петров Алексей Борисович

Директор по качеству
ООО «Мэйл.Ру»


50 shades of testing


Are you ready to find out what temptations and sins are waiting for you when you enter the game? And you, experienced and practised? Don't you want to look at yourself from the side and look into the darkest corners of your past and, perhaps, the present? If the answer is positive, then remember the stop word "AmaQA", and welcome to the world of sweet sins and comfort of testers! The report will tell you about such typical mistakes and testing problems that we so sweetly do over and over again:

- Excessive perfectionism

- Desire to break software

- Discussion wars in the style of ping-pong

- Hiring and training beginners

- Hiring cheap outsourcers / outstaffers

- 100% coverage

- Solution of ALL problems by automation and so on

I'll tell you about why, despite all the pain and suffering, these things continue to do, how to deal with them and about healthy alternatives to getting pleasure from testing. And remember, if it becomes very painful, there is always an opportunity to say a stop word ;)

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

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