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Смирнова Инна

Senior QA, Project Manager
Saint Petersburg


Team management in distributed QA teams


To achieve project goals , to work effecient and with passion , you need to organise good team work.
But what does it mean in practice ?How to achieve these goals ? 
And even more , how to deal with it in case of distributed QA team.
Books  says, that distributed team can not show the best effectiveness. But in fact, today a lot of companies have distributed ofices in different countries and towns, and project team can consist of people who haven't ever seen each other. So we need to find a way to solve problems of distributed teams.
In my speech I'll cover problems and sollutions , according to popular theories, discuss how it;s applicable to distributed QA teams ahd share my experience.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

Effective test managment.. and how to deal with it


In many cases qa engineers are alwaya in trouble : deadlines, lack of information, crashed builds, and even treir own test manager bring only problems by assigning a lot of unnesessary tasks or invite to another silly meetings.

Let's talk about the way to avoid these situations and investigate how to interact with different managers according to the feathures of each management type.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

Bugs investigation: learning from Sherlock Holmes!

The testing process is quite similar to criminal investigation. It's full of analysis, logical reasoning, true and false conclusions. And the most interesting part is when we investigate bug which are difficult to reproduce. It could be a 'heisenbug' which is too hard to reproduce, or the bug from user with no description. Trying to investigate this or that difficult bugs I want to learn from Sherlock Holmes, the greatest detective. I'm going to tell, which of his approaces seems to be useful in testing. They could help qa engineers to investigate bugs effectively, with great interest and passion, and to say finally "it was elementary..."
Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)
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