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Химиченко Оксана Евгеньевна

специалист по тестированию
ООО "АвтоТрансИнфо"
Saint Petersburg


Automation for lazy QA. Selenium + Python + Behave (BDD)

At some point each tester starts thinking about automation. Fairly often the attempts to implement it end in two-three tests. But what can be done when there is no time and no experience? So, how can the process of test writing be speeded up and simplified? How can they be made useful for support and operation? And how not to overwork yourself? Our answer is Selenium + Python + Behave. We will tell about the road we went, until we have found the decision that can do everything for us, and about the time we spent to implement. Together with you we will write the scenario from the very beginning and run the first test.
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Workshop (40 min)

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