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Зубович Вадим

IT Consultant; QA Automation Activist; QA Automation manager
www.COMAQA.BY; Epam Systems, DPI.Solutions


How to avoid inventing a bicycle, or design patterns for QA automation


Any software developer is familiar with the term "Design Patterns". Any good developer uses them on regular basis for various tasks.

So the question arises: "What have they got that we have not?" Automation specialist is a software developer as well, it's just rather specific software that we're talking about. When someone unfamiliar with IT asks me what's my job I usually reply: "I design programs that test other programs". And if this is so then we definitely should have some valid design patterns that will fit our needs.

Let's see which of the patterns deserve automation specialists attention, see what their meaning is and how can they facilitate our lives.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Continuous integration and automation. Comparing the common tools


You can only claim that your testing project is fully automated if human effort is completely removed from the testing process. Ideally human involvement should be limited to viewing automated testing reports that he regularly gets to his e-mail.

Achieving this is possible only by using continuous integration systems. So which tool is better? Why? Is this choice so important or maybe you can just pick the random one?

Let's compare the most popular Java-oriented CI tools and decide!

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

Сommunication between manual and automation QA specialists through technical solution


When automation is implemented on the late stages while manual QA is already in shape, you can't evade communication problems between manual and automated QA specialists.

Want them to:

  • work together as a team?
  • solve mutual project quality poblems together?
  • help each other instead of blaming each other?
This talk is about the way we've successfully solved these issues on actual project.
Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

Practical use of Sikuli Script in testing automation


After the previous talk about using Sikuli-Script as a tool to teach automation everyone had the same question on their mind: "Is this tool applicable not only for studies but in practice on real projects?" Sure it is! 

  • How to automate Flash-apps 
  • How to work with images in Selenium Web-Driver 
  • How to integrate Sikuli into Java projects 
  • How to make Selenide and Sikuli work together 

 Let's clear this out!

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Sikuli Script - the best tool to study automation

*Sikuli Script* is an automation tool, basing on image recognition technology. Thanks to the simple Python-like script language and easy-to-master IDE *Sikuli Script* can be considered the best tool for familiarizing with automation and gaining beginner programming skills. It's this context that we're going to focus on in this report: + How to bring Manual QA specialists to automation; + How to develop a training program for them; + How to use automation for simplifying daily routine efficiently. The answers to these questions are highly demanded this is why we will focus on them
Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)
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