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Мирошниченко Игорь Николаевич

главный инженер-тестировщик
ЗАО "Аплана Софтвер"


Burnout and exit from the crisis


Many are beginning to work actively for several years work, and then there is a failure. It stems from an incorrect approach to the work, to the process. And including himself. An important question - what is "productive" and "unproductive" work. External manipulation of a man out of this state can not be like sending a vacation. It is necessary to identify the crisis and direct the employee in a constructive direction:   - Alignment balance   - Nomination of the external borders and frames You want to change the approach to life and work burnout and leave.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

Anti-patterns of testers behaviour

In automated testing projects we are faced with difficult situations, solve technical issues. And forget that one of the key factors in the project are the testers. In the form of fables will be considered system errors, which at first glance seem obvious, but often forget about them. Also offer a way to resolve them.
Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)