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Presentations and video of the talks from the Analyst Days-7 conference

Dear colleagues!

We inform you that presentations of the reports from the Analyst Days-7 conference are available in the "Program" section.

To access the presentations from the Russian Federation you have to use a VPN connection due to a lock set by Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications.

Also, you can download all presentation by the following link.

The conference's photoalbum can be downloaded by the following link or you can see it in Facebook group.

A short video about the conference can be viewed here.

Video of the talks will be available as soon as they are mounted within 1 month. They will also be placed in the "Program" section.
Conference participants will get free access. Those ones who did not attend the conference will be able to purchase the video one by one ($1 per video) or by package ($40 for all video).