Conference for professionals in the information technology industry

Welcome to IT-CONF!

IT-CONF is an information resource created by SQALab LLC for the purpose of informing the IT community about interesting meetings (conferences, seminars, workshops).
The purpose of the resource is to create a platform for cooperation in implementation of joint international projects allowing each expert to share knowledge and increase his/her level of expertise.


Primary goals of IT-CONF:

  • forming of the united information community of IT experts
  • promoting the implementation of the capacity of existing communities
  • integration of the local, isolated communities
  • creating of conditions for integration of experts from various IT areas
  • integration of the communities into international IT environment


Within IT-CONF only high-quality time-proved events take place. Organizers of these events are famous figures in RuNet (and not only), whose hands, knowledge and experience create modern IT history.


Our events allow meeting outside of chat-rooms and specialised forums. We create a possibility to meet personally with recognised experts of the corresponding communities. Also they ensure a good opportunity to meet colleagues from different cities and countries.

We will do our best to help arrange such meetings at the conference. It is one of our key tasks.



The following entities can become the partners of IT-CONF:

  • professional IT communities
  • educational centres, training companies, educational institutions
  • mass media and telecommunications
  • large information portals
  • Internet providers
  • companies ready to help in resolving of organizational and financial questions


And also any companies ready to support our initiatives. We offer our partners promotion possibilities at all stages of events.


We invite you to make the history of the world IT industry development together with us. We have prepared for you a number of base offers, however we are open for dialogue - our objective is to make events as effective as possible for all!


For communication with us please use the feedback form or send e-mail to the address specified in the Contact section.


LinkedIn and SlideShare services are blocked in Russia by Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications!Recommendations on how to download materials.
Let's remember once again how it was.https://vimeo.com/243602684
How to see presentations and video of the talks from the Analyst Days-7 conference.
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April 27-28, 2018
St. Petersburg, Russia

May 25-26, 2018
Minsk, Belarus

March 22-23, 2019
Riga, Latvia